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Destroyers Club toy Destroyers Club toy
The Club

What is Destroyers Club?

First we designed toys engineered to maximize the joy of destruction. Now we’re taking it a step further and rewarding that destruction.

Sign your Destroyer up for free to earn rewards, enter chompetitions, and join the #destroyersclub community.

Sign your Destroyer up for free to start earning.

Membership Perks
Your dog's exclusive access to rewards, competitions & internet glory.1
Tear pattern
The Goods

Rewards for Destruction

Destroy toys to earn points and unlock rewards like BarkShop credit & free toys.
Asterisk Join the Club and we'll start you off with this new member bonus:
Progress bar Progress bar
The Glory

Destroyers Club Leaderboard

What's a little healthy chompetition? The more points you earn, the higher you rank!
Day of Destruction winner
Asterisk This could be you!
The Fame

Day of Destruction Winner

Andromeda (Andi), 12.4 lbs

Only here for the snacks. Can eat sandwich bigger than her body no problem. Stays fit by destroying 3-4 times a week. Life motto: Eat, destroy, repeat.

Join our next Day of Destruction contest to be featured here.
Join our next Day of Destruction contest to be featured here.
Dog Doodle
New Member Bonus

Get started with 10pts & $5 Credit

Earn more points to unlock prizes, the $5 is yours to spend today!

One of our club concierges will follow up with more details.