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BarkShop E-Gift Card Hero Image BarkShop E-Gift Card Mobile Image

Every dog is perfect, so why not send them the perfect gift?

With BarkShop E-Gift Cards, a very lucky pup, or more likely their human, can redeem their gift card using a code that's sent via email. This code puts credit in their BarkShop account that can be used to purchase anything on site.

Let's get started!

What size gift would you like to send?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use this card?

This gift can be used on This gift card does not apply to BarkBox or BARK toys in Target retailers.

When does this expire?


Can I pick the delivery date?

Yes! During checkout, you can choose which day we send the email with the gift code.

Do you believe in life after love?

We can feel something inside us say, "I really don't think you're strong enough." So, do with that what you will.