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Bark For Good

5% of BarkShop Proceeds goes directly to helping dogs in need.

Our love of dogs demands that we’re driven to be the people our dogs think we are. BARK believes dogs are family and serve as champions for their happiness and wellness. We leverage our skills, resources, and insight to inspire open conversations, support and create programs and products, and provide information on how to keep dogs together with their people.

Bark Pup Up, SoHo, NY

Stitches for Mitchell County, Inc.

Foster Dogs Inc., Brooklyn, NY

What we do

We support organizations nationwide that provide low-cost (or free) vetcare with spay and neuter programs. Lack of affordable services is directly related to overpopulation, overcrowding in shelters, increased euthanasia rates, and abandonment. By addressing these urgent health needs, we are working toward fewer dogs that end up in shelters. All dogs deserve a home, and we believe in giving dogs what they deserve (so everything in the world, but especially homes.)

BarkShop goes to Georgia

Here's a little snapshot of the team helping out after Hurricane Irma!


Outside of these bigger initiatives, BarkShop works with rescues throughout New York City and Ohio to donate a steady stream of toys, treats, and chews.

We are also on the constant search for volunteer opportunities that address our goals. We've volunteered with Austin Pets Alive!, Houston Pets Alive!, The Sato Project, The Humane Society, Animal Haven, and many more!


Show us what your community is doing to help dogs in need!

Are you part of an organization that's helping pups find happy homes?

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