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Dogs have it easy in a couple ways, but at least us humans get better bacon, right? Wrong! Sorry, human meat-lovers, but with these Bacon Treats from Healthy Dogma, your dog is definitely eating better than you. They're made in the USA with USDA-certified human-quality bacon, and they smell so insanely good, you’ll want to pilfer a package for your Saturday breakfast. But don’t be a pig; if your pooch catches you snatching his snacks, you’ll just end up with egg on your face.

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We work hard so you can be the hero. You'll bring home the best treats and chews your pup ever had. They'll never know that you weren't the one mulling over which cow trachea is the crunchiest.

Our approach

We study every ingredient. We debate every flavor profile. We routinely visit our bakeries and kitchens. All of our products are wheat, corn, and soy free. We're friends with our vendors and producers. We obsess over cooking techniques, texture, packaging and expiration dates. We work hard so you can be the hero with the best treats and chews your pup ever tasted.

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