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Drop the Mic

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Give BarkYe a run for his money with Drop the Mic. The top has a Spiky Ball core that your dog will love to bite, creating the perfect karaoke pose.


12" cord, 3" mouthpiece


Pose: Place it in their paws or have them bite the end for a rockstar pose!

Play: The Spiky Ball doubles as a bonus toy for rock-n-roll dogs that pull it out. The nylon rope is great for tugging more than just heart-strings.


Throwbark Thursday: Pawty like it's 1990!


Lights, Camera, BARK badge Surprise Inside badge Tug badge Made by BARK badge Spiky Ball badge


Your dog will love to chomp this squeaky mic for the perfect pic.


Swing this mic around by its “cord” for some sick playtime stunts.


Add a funny caption! “And IIIIIIIII will always love foooooooood”

Throwbark Thursday

The perfect way to celebrate your dog's wonder (and blunder) years.

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