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Flea & Tick Collar


Product Info

Time flies when you're not worrying about itchy bites. The BARK Bright Flea & Tick collar was made for adventures and protects dogs for up to six months after application.

Simply fit this one-size-fits-all collar to your dog's neck and adjust as needed (if they've just had a bath, wait a day to apply). Twenty-four hours later, the active ingredients start releasing from the surface of the collar to kill fleas and ticks. After 2-3 weeks, they will have spread all over your pet's fur to provide maximum protection.

This collar is water-resistant and safe to get wet immediately, so your dog can swim, roll in the mud and even take a bath (sorry pups) without losing any effectiveness.

Buh-bye, fleas. Bright kills adult fleas for up to six months and prevents them from laying eggs, so you can end the re-infestation cycle for good.

So long, ticks. Bright kills lyme-disease causing deer ticks, American dog ticks and brown dog ticks for up to six months.

They're dead before they bite. This collar kills fleas and ticks through contact.

Active Ingredients:
Deltamethrin 4.0%
Pyriproxyfen 1.0%
Other Ingredients 95%

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