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The best bundle to spoil those Large pups for the Holiday!

Bundle Items:

Gordon the Giant Sloth: Lots o' fluff means lots o' fun for the dogs who love to go digging in plush. Gordon's luscious locks are ideal for canines craving a shred sesh.

Consuela the Cactus: Consuela's smiling face--just like a cactus's ability to retain water-- only lasts so long. Wrapped in two layers of fabric, your pup can rip off the smiley face to reveal the same cactus but with a frowny face.

The Dognald: The Dognald is ready to lead ... your pup to playtime. Your dog will love The Dognald's reinforced seams, perfect for tough debates. And, you'll never hear this plush guy squeak.

Maplestick Benebone: This amped-up stick is made of nylon and real maple wood! The folks at Benebone had a stroke of genius though, which was to add nylon, the classic tough-to-chew component.

The Essential Beef Jerky Treats: We made the beef treat your dog deserves. We know because we made them for our dogs first. Wholesome, high-quality ingredients. Resealable for freshness. Made in the USA. That's just good taste.


Consuela the Cactus: 6.5" x 5.5"
The Dognald: 7.5" x 7.25" x 3"
Maplestick Benebone: 7.7" x 4"


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