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Hallechewjah! Emoji Hands

Hand to Dog, your pup will love this toy.


Product Info

Sometimes you feel so #blessed that not even a "YASSS" will cut it. The Hallechewjah Hands are perfect for those moments.


10" wide x 9" tall


Pose: The arch of the hands is stuffed with tube squeaker to entice your pup to grab hold.

Play: Filled with a long, tube squeaker, this toy's sound is more satisfying than a mid-day bloody mary.


Literally So Cute: For the dog who slays all day while they play.


Lights, Camera, BARK badge Squeaker Seeker badge Thrasher badge Made by BARK badge Snuggly badge


We believe the pretty is in the nitty gritty.


Shoot at dog’s eye level or below for the most dynamic photos.


The hands are fuzzy and full of fluff, so your pup will love to chomp paws necessary.

We treat your pup right. Happiness Guaranteed.

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