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Barkshop / Essentials Spray


Essentials Spray


Product Info

The Essentials Spray is a perfect for cleaning up those messes after playtime!


  • Bark Essentials All-Purpose Cleaning Spray cleans up all varieties of dog-related messes—no matter where they happen.
  • Our non-toxic, plant-based formula is pet safe and dog-approved—while still providing a powerful, streak-free clean on every surface of your home.


  • MULTI-SURFACE, MULTI-PURPOSE: Remove mud, slobber, and whatever else the dog drags in—on whatever surface they drag it on. Easily wipe away small accidents, de-gunk the food bowl, or finally clean those nose prints off the sliding glass door.
  • PET SAFE: Bark’s Essential Cleaner is safe for pets and crafted especially for dogs. It’s free of harmful chemicals and completely odorless—which is a real plus when your sense of smell is 10,000X more sensitive than a human’s. Speaking of humans, it’s also safe for them!

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